3.2.2 unstable


We have been forced to  withdraw 3.2.2 due to instability.  Various issues.  We upgraded some of our network to 3.2 around ten days back.  The issues below have been happening since.

- GUI becomes unresponsive after login page

- SNMP non responsive to central NOC operations

- units become isolated completely, alothough ethernet port shows as UP

- affecting PtP, AP & SU configurations

- only fix is to to a power recycle, either by customer or fruck roll by a field tech.  

- Field Techs reverting a unit to 3.1 stops issue.



I had the same issues  have since reverted the site back to


The symptoms are part of an issue with the snmp deamon. We're currently testing a fix for this that should be available soon.


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Just also confirming we too have not progressed to 3.2.2 due to the above issues - all we ahve experienced.

Staying on 3.1 (it has proven stable) until confirmation these issues have been resolved.

When the SNMP daemon stops working and SM stops responding to web interface commands, surprisingly it can be rebooted via cnMaestro.

I noticed, in some links, the slave side stops responding and stops passing traffic after a while if in certain DFS channels.

It seems to go away if the master side is moved out of DFS. 

That's weird, we upgraded to 3.2.2 and have not seen as many issues as others. We are seeing the webpage lockup, but after a quick browser cache clearing we are able to work as normal. The snmp issue has not surfaced with our system, but that may be due to the long polling cycle that we use.

What we have notice was that our force200's are no longer able to receive sync from a CMM nor a packetflux source. since we have a couple of backhaul links using LACP over twin links to provide the extra bandwidth needed, this has caused us to return to 3.2.1 to maintain workable links.

We are seeing a Epmp 2000 lite unit that about twice a day is no longer reachable.  It is not accessible by gui or ssh and can no longer ping.  The switch that it is plugged in to shows the interface up.

The only way to bring it back up is to power cycle port on poe switch.  This is the only unit we see doing this and have tried 3.1, 3.2, and 3.2.2

Also have noticed in log at bootup an error message of "FPGA has invalid firmware version ffffffff"