3.5.1 issue

Upgraded some of our sites to 3.5.1 today - epmp 2.4

Out of four radios on this tower, one of them will not login. 
It now says "SW Upgrade is in progress." and has said that for the last half hour.

I'd naturally want to power cycle but don't want to brick the unit.

Should I power cycle?

How should I proceed?

very weird.

so i had to attempt to login using a wrong username/password

then it let me login...

Try clearing coockies (on browser).  




I'm having the same issue after updating the GPS firmware. Tried wrong login. Tried clearing cookies. Still same issue.

Fixed this once by clearing cache, haven't encountered it since.  Weird bug

this happens when the update is done, and the browser session expires before rebooting the radio. The solution is to do a manual reboot from cnmaestro or from an ssh session.