3.6 Medusa AP - Radio Not Calibrated

3.6 Medusa AP showing Radio Not Calibrated. I understand that the last post (nov '17) suggested creating a ticket to cambium support for Radio Not Calibrated AP, which we did, and cambium usually RMA the unit.

It so happened we recently had 4 Radio Not Calibrated 3.6 Medusa APs since last Month. And again, Cambium support ruled out they were to be RMA. As most of you can understand, the cost of decommissioning the APs on remote sites and shipping it out (Can to US) for RMA is not cheap. Also, because we’re migrating most of our 900 and 2.4 customers to 3.6 APs, downtime to these APs enormously affects our business.

I’ve asked for ways to resolve the issue remotely or ways to prevent this from happening, but so far we are still waiting for cambium’s engineering team to call us. Been waiting for a while now but still no update.

Wondering if someone has any fix for this???

Unfortunately, we’ve had this happen a number of times with 450m 3GHz AP’s (3 so far IIRC), and we’ve always had to RMA them. What I would do if I were you would be to lean on your Cambium Regional Sales Manager (RSM) and raise your complaints with them and see if they can help you out.

Thank you so much @Eric_Ozrelic.

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