3.65 Ghz license sale

I have an opportunity to sell my 3.65 Ghz license but wondering how mush is worth.

Any ideas?

Depends on a few things... When does your license expire? I've heard as much as $1500 if it expires around 2020.

You might want to talk to Rick Harnish @ Baicells

Thanks. Mine expires in 2019.

hello were are you located. PM me with details I am interested

did you end up selling your 3.65 License? I would be interested in purchasing it as well if it is still available. Thanks

Not yet. Someone is suppose to give me some money to use my license. Not liking that too much.

I’d like to talk about purchasing it if you are still interested in selling. Can you pm or email? Thanks

I did PM you.

Hello, I would be interested in purchasing.  Please contact me at dkirk@t3wireless.net.  Thanks!

3.65 Licenes is SOLD. 


Hi I’m looking to sell a couple of items I no longer need.
Pmp 450i sm integrated high gain antenna x3
Pmp 450i integrated access point 90 degree
All items are new and boxed and looking for a price as one sale if your interested.
Regards bod m