3.65 High Gain SM Orientation?

This feels like a stupid question, but I couldn't find anything in the docs, so...

Shoud the ingetrated high gain 3.65 SM be installed on the tilt bracket as 45° "diamond" or as H/V "square" orientation? The small integrated specs say dual slant integrated patch for 3.65 and 2.4, so I've been assuming the high gain 3.65 should be likewise rotated to "diamond" orientation.

It doesn't matter. Install it as H/V. And yes, the AP is slant while the SM is V/H. It will figure it out. It will discriminate the two streams by phase like ePMP.

Didn't know if that was a ePMP specific thing or what since the bracket here clearly has holes clearly intended for either way. For what it's worth I ended up deploying the SM as slant matching the AP.