3.65 WIFI

i really wish the FCC would have only allowed wimax operators in this band… pulled an eval to our northern sector and what do i find? a 20 mhz channel at 59db…

i guess i get to make the phone call to the fcc since he didn’t register the site and is hogging so much of the band… why can’t wifi people just keep trashing the bands they are already trashing :frowning:

The only gear apart from Wimax that I’ve yet encountered on 3.65-3.675 band are LigoPTP backhauls, which offer 20mhz channel centered at 3.663. We’ve got two APs right now aimed at each other, about 20 miles apart clear LOS (both are 400ft up towers), and they see each other as a 5db bump in the roughly 100db noise floor. Two others are 6 miles, and positioned such that they’re about 45 degrees off-axis to each other, and they see each other at about -87db.

If you’re seeing the noise floor at -59, then I’d think it’s either a BH aimed at that tower, or an AP aimed at it from pretty close in.

I’d be interested to hear what you finally uncover, and what you manage to do about it.


UBNT sells a Device in 3,65. UBNT is the death of a band. And as I last
tested them they couldn’t even keep tx-power at configured values.
I dont know what they are spitting out and I’m sure they dont know
it either. So be prepared to meet a lot of noise soon.