3.7‐4.2 GHz Band Proceeding – GN Docket No. 18‐122, RM‐11791, RM‐11778 Cambium Networks Support

This past week Cambium Networks submitted comments in support of the the recent Joint Ex Parte Presentation filed by WISPA, Google, and Microsoft.  Cambium supports the conclusions reached in the Reed Engineering study (“Reed Study”) filed in the proceeding by WISPA, Google and Microsoft.  Cambium systems can readily be  engineered to support shared, coordinated uses by Part 101 frequency coordinated P2MP operations  without  causing  harmful  interference  to  co‐channel  Fixed  Satellite  Service  (“FSS”)  earth stations.  I have attached the Joint Ex Parte Presentation and cover letter conducted by WISPA, Google and Microsoft; as well as Cambium Networks submittal.