3 GHz 450 AP rebooting

We have a 450 AP that is rebooting multiple times per day with this log message:
System Reset Exception – Reset due to FatalError (MPU Violation)
This is happening on both 16.2.2 and 16.2.3. The AP seemed to work fine for months with 3 450 SMs, but started rebooting soon after we added a few 450b SMs. The AP is not that heavily used with frame utilization peaking at 75% and CPU utilization occasionally spiking to 90%.

Try updating to R20, it was just released the other day and it fixes a number of reboot issues.

could you please capture engineering.cgi (http://engineering.cgi save as xml) and share it with subi.s@cambiumnetworks.com

Thank you Subi. I sent the file earlier this morning.The AP rebooted once after upgrading to 16.2.3 and has been stable for 23 hours since.