3 GHz 450b model numbers

I am confused about the 3 GHz 450b SM spec sheet.

In 5 GHz we have Global, FCC and ROW part numbers.  And the 4-packs include the dish, but there's also a part number for just the radio.

In 3 GHz we have C030045B021A Global and C030045B025A No Encryption.  And there's a part number for 4-pack antenna assy.

What P/N should we order for FCC region?  And are the radios and dishes separate now?  I assume these are the same dishes as the 5 GHz SM, and that they take the same radome?

Is this maybe a temporary spec sheet until you get FCC approval or something?

I have forwarded this to the product and support teams.

We are shifting the way these things are being sold and fulfilled...

Going forward, you'll order the radios separately (and individually) from the dish antenna and mounting kits (which are still sold as 4-packs). This will apply to both the 5 GHz and 3 GHz variations. The "complete" 4-pack part numbers will be retired shortly, and to get what you had received in the past, you'd order FOUR of the radios and ONE of the 4-pack of hardware (the price is the same).

There are more variations of the radio for 5 GHz due to regulatory controls, so you must order the "FCC" model for use in the US. For 3 GHz, the regulation does not require different model numbers, so just order the basic unit (the "No Encryption" model is only for countries that have export control restrictions).

Hope this clears things up... if not, please ask.


Hi, there is something that is not clear to me yet.
What radio should I order if I want the backhaul version please (450b)?
I have tried to order them from Winncom and they got confused and they didn’t sell those units to me cause they weren’t sure in the end.
So what is the exact product code for the backhaul capable version please.

I can confirm that 450b high-gain P/N C030045B021A has a choice in the menus for backhaul or multipoint link mode.