3 GHz 450b SM

Is this still on track for Q2 2019 availability?  Q3?  Q4?

I just shook my magic 8-ball and it says...


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A few folks will be beta testing this product in the next couple of weeks... General release is looking like January. I was really hoping to have this released sooner, but we ran into some logistics/"ramp up" issues.

The design is solid and ready to go. 

We will have one at the booth next week at WISPApalooza too, come by and check it out.

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Can't wait to see it!

Is there spec sheet, photos, etc. yet?  Does gain compare with current sm with reflector?  Pricing same or similar to 5ghz version?

No public spec sheets ATM... but they should be up I would imagine any day now as shipping is expected to start in January. Antenna gain is 19dBi. Gain is comparable to an SM w/KP reflector dish in our testing (the 450b got 1dB better gain). Net throughput with the SM in NAT mode is considerably better then the old SM. Pricing will be about $30 more then the 5GHz version. I've been told there will be different SKU's with just feed horns and just dishes.

I'm sure @CambiumMatt will chime in with some additional details.

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