3 GHz high gain SM 450 vs 450i status

Is the 450 SM (P/N C036045014A) discontinued or being discontinued?  I was under the impression it was deprecated and replaced with the 450i version, but now I'm not sure.  Maybe they are both being actively made and sold.

With the 450i SM there's not just the high price but having a few SMs out there requiring a 56V POE is just an oops waiting to happen.  Like a tech replacing the SM with a 29V version and not realizing the POE also needs to be changed, and blowing up the new SM.  Or just documenting the oddball POE and stocking spares.

We are still selling both types... agree that you must be careful with power supplies. The good news is that, if you are using our supplies, you won't destroy a 450i SM by plugging in the wrong supply. It simply won't work.

However, PLEASE use extreme caution as you CAN damage a 450 SM or 450b device if you attempt to power it using a passive 56 VDC power injector (such as those we sell with the 450i devices).

We are working on the 3 GHz 450b High Gain now, which has the high gain, better processing capability, and the 30 VDC input. When that is launched, the old 3.5 GHz and 3.65 GHz 450 SMs will be discontinued (likely before the end of November), including the 450 SM with the high gain panel antenna. A channel notice will be issued for this soon (to give our 180 day notice, per our discontinuation policy).


Thanks Matt.

Are you saying the 56V POE won't damage a 30V SM because it looks for an 802.3at signature first?  I have definitely fried a 450 AP by mistakenly powering it with 56V.

I assume the 3 GHz 450b high gain will look physically like the 5 GHz one?  Parabolic dish, not panel?

Also, any truth to the rumor of a connectorized 450b?

No. I should amend my post above. You CAN DAMAGE a device expecting 30 VDC by using a passive 56 VDC power supply.


Typically, however, folks are not replacing 450i devices with 450b, so this scenario is far less frequent than going the other way (i.e. trying to use 30 VDC to power a 450i). This way does not damage the device.

Nearly every power supply we sell at Cambium is a passive power system and does not perform the "handshake" or negotiation required by 802.3af/at... so, your point is well noted.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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I have amended my original post above.

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I missed your 450b connectorized question also.  Yes, we are working on this too. At the moment it's looking like it will be released sometime in Q4. When we get closer, we'll have more details on that device.

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