30/60 Mhz BackHaul

I am concerned about the speed of these units … they seem to only be 25% faster than the 20Mhz canopy 5.2 Backhauls. Does anyone have any experience with these?

Thanks for any help…

What is the target modulation rate set to? Is ARQ enabled or disabled?

Also, under statistics what is the achieved modulation?

What software load are you running?

I run a number of the 60 Mbps backhauls and they are fantastic!! I also run a number of 20 Mbps 5.7 backhauls, which should be comparable to the 5.2.

On my 60 Mbps BHs my worst link gives me a true (tested) 14.4 Mbps one way and 13.2 Mbps the other - at a distance of 45.3 miles near LOS. My best link gives me 21.1 Mbps both ways - at a distance of 34.7 miles LOS. There is no way I could get that with the 20 Mbps BHs.


I agree with Aaron I have several and they work great. here is 2 for you

72.8 miles
up 12.5 Mbps
down 14.4 Mbps
reviever on other end is full of interfearence just cant get more than 12.5 with a 4 ft dish I am considering a 6ft if it starts to get loaded.

79.7 miles
up 14.8 Mbps
down 12.7 Mbps
Need to do a little tuning on the far end just have not wanted to go to El Paso.

I took a training class from Orthogon the company who makes them and in the class they had a case study where one unit was on land and the other was on a buoy in the ocean. The buoy was in 6ft swells and never lost a link. I thought that was pretty impressive. The case study should be on their web site.

attitude, those are some nice links. Good work.

The buoy was in 6ft swells and never lost a link.

That’s pretty cool. I’d like to see more info on that. I’ll have to ask my contacts.