30/60 OFDM Questions

I’ve been reading up on the 30/60 OFDM backhauls and it says that the GEL filled CAT5 may affect performance. Just wondeing if anyone has used this CAT5 for OFDM radios and if there were performance problems.

I wouldn’t think there should be as long as the wires are cleaned well when putting on the connectors.



Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to be an ass.

I’m curious as to why, when the manual indicates that gel filled cable may affect performance, you would want to use it anyway?

Cause the Manual Contradicts it’s self.

WARNING Some network operators employ gel filled cables to get around the problem of
moisture ingress and transmission. 30/60 Mbps Backhaul has NOT been tested using these
cables. Use of gel filled cables may affect the performance of the 30/60 Mbps Backhaul"

Quote 2
"NB: Only use Outdoor rated, gel filled CAT5e if it contains a shield."

That’s why I’m asking if anyone has used the cable for the 30/60 OFDM.

Just trying to figure out what we should be using.

You’re right.

As you said, assuming a good install there should not be an issue.

Having not installed one, I can’t say for sure.

I cant see any reason why gell filled would affect teh 30/60’s

they use that disclamer on everything they have not tested. CYA. I only use the gel filled for direct burial.

Thanks everyone. The help is much appreciated

Personal experience:
We tried some gel filled outdoor CAT5E cable (was not shielded though…) on a cluster, and after about 6 months the APs started acting funny (Note, it was used on both the timing and power ports). All sorts of gps sync issues, as well as SMs dropping every 2 to 3 minutes for 30 seconds to a minute at a time (I think this was because the APs were loosing power and rebooting over and over). We replaced the cable with some no gel STP and it’s been working great since. I’ve also ended up replacing cabling to a couple of the older SMs that were using the gel cable. Dunno, could just be heat here…then again, these aren’t HSBHs.

What outdoor rated Cat5 do most of you use that is not gel filled?


I’ve used cat5e gel filled cat5e STP on all commerical and industrial contracted installls. Cat 5e gel filled on all SM installs, if there starts to be alot of errors on the ethernet port for no reason then I install Cat5e gel filled STP. On all APs, and backhauls Cat5e gel filled STP.

I install indoor UTP everywhere (indoor/outdoor customers/towers )… no problems… :slight_smile: