30 degree sectors

30 degree sectors are interesting. I need more 2.4ghz density. has anyone ever tried this with canopy 2.4? i was looking at the “24 3015” model at http://www.stelladoradus.com/2.4.ghz.ba … tennas.php but I’m worried that the side lobes will interfere too much with customers who can see the antenna 90 degrees away (i would have to re-use the same frequency every 90 degrees)

If those polar plots are accurate, I wouldn’t do it. The side lobes are almost as strong as the main lobe. Lots of self interference.

It looks a little more doable with Superpass 45 perhaps… http://www.superpass.com/SPDG15E.html

check out the scale on the stella antenna plots. it’s a pretty large scale compared to til-tek or superpass, so it’s hard to compare.

There is a HUGE difference between the two antennas.

The waveguides on the superpass are the key.

Maybe this one?



How well is that antenna going to work, the E plot is very narrow… Would you perhaps kick some mechanical downtilt into the array?