3000L eth speed question


i've a lot of 3000L installed and in all of this the ethernet speed (with around 20mt of cat5E FTP) flapping from 1gbps to 100mbps then back fixed to 100mbps.

I've changed 3000L with a F300 and link is 1Gbps....

Any thinks is welcome..

Thank you

This is the 3rd post I think I've seen about 3000L's not being able to do Gigabit on cables other radios could... 

Really don't feel good about deploying the 3000L...  

FWIW, we have not seen this.  All the 3000L's (and Force300csm since they look/feel so similar) are all linking happily at 1 Gb for us.

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The Ethernet subsystem is pretty much similar between F300 and ePMP3000L. The main difference that ePMP3000L had a dedicated grounding lug while F300 don't so I guess it is something about the grounding on site.

Please check the following thread for a good discussion on grounding:


One think to try is to disable "Smart speed" option available in 4.5 firmware and see if it helps.