3000L stuck in TDD PTP

Well like the title says my deployed 3000L is stuck in TDD PTP mode.  I upgraded it to the 4.4.3 and it wont allow me to use it in PtMP mode now.  I have tried downgrading the AP and no luck, still stuck?  any suggestions?

Please see this post for more information.  There is a work around.  http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-3000-2000-and-1000/ePMP-3000L-sets-itself-to-TDD-PTP-mode-4-4-1/m-p/110906

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so i take it, still not resolved............  Stay classy Cambium.

Hi sherwoodj28,


Please do the following in the CLI:

>config set wirelessInterfaceProtocolMode 1
>config save

It will be nice if you can let us know how ePMP3000L got in this state? Was it stuck out of the box?

Also I would like to inform you that Cambium Networks has classy technical support that can always help you.