3000L Synced PTP Backhaul; Frequency Reuse Suggestions Needed

We have not used any of the 3000L’s. I have a 300CSM link. Both ends have had flapping issues in the past. One holds steady now after firmware upgrades. The other was so bad we replaced it with a F300.

I am in a situation where I have a small tower fed with a 40Mhz F200 link. We are hitting it’s peak in the evenings. A synced 3000L master/ 3000CSM slave PTP link would be great. I plan to do frequency reuse on this tower with the 3000L and PTP550 that is already on the tower. I have at least 110 degrees difference in dishes, so that will not be an issue. Both will be 5Mhz away from nearest AP, which is also on the same tower.

My question is…those of you with more experience with the 3000L and 300CSM, would you recommend using these as a synced PTP link, or should I bite the bullet and go with the PTP550? I can never see using the full potential of the 550 for this link, but I am more worried about dependability of the 3000L/300CSM link. I would rather pay more up front and keep customers. I am worried about port flapping and most of all, loss of sync. If sync is lost, and I have to run 3000L with no sync, it will wreak havoc on my PTP550 link and an AP on this tower.

Yes, I know there are other manufactures, but I would prefer to stick with Cambium. Thanks for any help and advice.

I would recommend you proceed with the 3000L and CSM if you really want to create a sync’d PTP link. Keep in mind that you will be running TDD in this case so latency will be a little higher and if you don’t have traffic in one direction you will lose that time. Go with 4.5.5. I am happy to send you a puck in case you want to ensure no signal issues with LTE etc in the long run. Just send me an address via PM.


From the man himself. Thanks Sakid.

Very aware of slight rise in latency. From what we can see from the other AC devices running 4.4.3 and 4.5.5 in TDD PTT mode, the latency is consistent and averages around 4-5ms (after locking MCS values down if needed). Master will be on a fiber fed tower, so there will be no other increased wireless latency upstream. We should have plenty of bandwidth in a 75/25 40Mhz channel using the 3KL/300CSM link. The F200 is in ePTP mode and when it is saturated, latency is shooting up. TDD PTT will actually be a reduction in latency at those same speeds. closest cell tower to either tower is over 2 miles away…rural area for master, and extremely rural area for slave (I have one bar from Verizon at the top of the slave tower).

We have several unused pucks here, but thanks very much for the offer. Responses and gestures like this is why I prefer to keep as much gear Cambium as possible.