3000L's losing GPS Sync...

So against my better judgement I put 2 3000L's on a tower today and 11 hours later 1 lost sync ( 0 sats visable 0 tracked).    I didn't put pucks on them because Cambium blaimed the pucks in the past and the 3000L doesn't come with them anyway (though I have lots of them laying around).

Two 3000L's hose clamped to a pipe on top of a water tower. They are literally 2 inches from each other and both connected to the same sector ( A KPP 2x 5Ghz 65° sector). Normally the radios would be in a metal enclosure on the back of the sector but I mounted them on the pipe where they would have a good clear shot at the sky.  One sees 17 Sats 11tracked but it will drop to 4 or 5 tracked off and on. The other sees 0... 

There are 2 2000 AP's on this same tower (There was 4 but replaced two with the 3000Ls)  not more than 5 feet from the 3000Ls and while they receive Sync over power they still see/track satellites and looking at the graphs it looks like they stay around 18vis 16tracked and two that the 3000L's replaced (were mounted in the exact same spot) were the same.

It's 5am here, I've been up most the night trying to shift channels around on other AP's so I can set these 3000L's to generate sync and get them back up until we can go up the tower.. I guess we put the 2000's back GRRRRRR and it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. 

Oh look Sync just came back up on it, it has 18vis 4tracked, all but 4 are 0 SNR while the other one 2 inches from it is now 18vis 17tracked.

annnnnd it's down again...

I'm tired and soooo angry with Cambium right now...

Brubble - I'd be interested to know if you've put the 4.5-RC61 on your 3000L / F300's and if that looks to have solved things or not?  We haven't had much GSP issues (actually, I had previously said 'Zero GPS issues' - until last week) so I would be interested to know if this resolves things for someone like your situation where you see the issue pop up often?

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I have not tried the beta on them but I'll give it a go tonight as it has not stopped raining like it was supposed to so we haven't gone up  to do anything with them.  In hindsight however I think the problem may be water getting in the little rpsma connector on the bottom of the radio. When installed it didn't occur ot anyone, myself included, that the little rubber cap should be taken off and connector sealed with.. silicone tape or something. 

 The more I think about all the things the 3000L's can't do the more I think I'll put the 2000's back until KPP or someone comes out with some 2 4x4 in 1 sectors for the 3000 (no room on tower for more sectors).

Something like this?  https://www.kpperformance.com/5ghz-65-mimosa-x8-8-port-sector-cables-included

I'm mainly disapointed in the lack of digital filter in the 3000L. I know they say thier thought process was ''people will use them with horns anyway", but we have ePMP2000L that we're using as PTP links, and with the digital filter and the ePTP mode, they work really, really well. Except the limiting factor is the 2000's are 'N', but other than that, they work really well.

So, along comes the next generation - the Force300, 300csm, 3000L, and 3000 MU-MIMO, and there's no longer ANYTHING to replace the ePMP2000L's with.  Force300, 300csm, & 3000L don't have a digital filter - and 3000 MU-MIMO doesn't have a ePTP mode (not that I want to use a $1,000 AP as a PTP link anyway.

So, the lack of the Digital Filter in the 3000L is a major disapointment for me.


I agree.  It seems like Cambium could have knocked this one out of the park, wave2 ac, active filtering, being able to use any unit for any purpose, etc....  But instead, someone in upper management took over and made a bunch of uninformed decisions based on an imaginary bottom line or set of profit centers. There are so many missed opportunities already with the 3000 line that it's no wonder stock prices just keep going down. 

This is my big gripe that I struggle with each time I buy another box of Cambium gear.  The technology and engineering is there, but the folks making decisions seem to be very MBA-heavy, it seems pretty clear that none of them have ever built out a WISP and just look at numbers on paper.  

Cambium could seriously disrupt UBNT if they could just get out of their own way as a company.


@Jacob Turner wrote:

Something like this?  https://www.kpperformance.com/5ghz-65-mimosa-x8-8-port-sector-cables-included

Won't work for me.  I have room for 4 sectors.  I took down two of the ePMP 2k APs and 90°/120° sectors and replaced them with these https://www.kpperformance.com/two-5ghz-hv-antennas-in-one-radome and 3000L's.  It's two 65° sectors covering 120°   that I use as 90° sectors.  A 2x4port version of that would be ideal.

Probably going to leave the sectors and just replaced the 3000L's with 2K APs.  If the firmware/3000L's don't have all the false positive DFS hits and other DFS channel problems ePMP seems to have I might keep them around for PTP with waveguide horns/dishes. I dunno though, not being able to do 48v really irks me almost as much as not being able to do sync over power...

Finally got to go up the tower Saturday. Did not appear to be any water in the GPS dust caps or RPSMA connectors on either of the 3000Ls. Blasted them with water dispersant anyway, made no difference.  Just out of curiosity we swapped positions of the two 3000Ls (one that couldn't see more than 3 or 4 sats a time with the one that has struggle but managed to keep track of enough sats that it never lost GPS sync) and that also made no difference. The one that couldn't see more than 3 or 4 sats at a time continued to only see 3 or 4 sats at a time and the other continued to struggle but maintained enough that it never lost sync.

Put a puck on it and it went to 21/21, hopefully that fixes it.