30MBPS BH vector error


Since a couple weeks, we are experiencing a huge drop in vector error each weekend only for less than 1 minutes on two of our 30Mbps at two different sites.

It looks like its related to interference. If there was an 802.11a AP near the tower, would’nt we have a constant drop in vector error on a specific channel?

The 2 sites has something in common : a fire station on same location and we know that at least one is using a wireless AP.

Can an AP located 200 feet away from the tower affect my BH which is 90 feet high in the tower?

Ok, the problem has reappeared, here the graph of the vector error. you see two small red digit down the 0dB vector error which cause the loss of the link for a fraction of a second. We are trying to find the source of that problem.

Is that a 100% sure interference type of problem? if so, why would it happen so rarely : in the graph there is one other dot 11 days ago at 0dB and all the dots currently seen on the last hour will appear as one dot since its not the same scale for each segment, so its not frequent at all.

We have TDMoIP from RAD installed on those links and every glitch like that make our connection go down and up in the same second but it disrupts our synchronization and the customer radio system stops working.

Thank you,