30V POe Switch

Is there a way of getting a cheaper switch than the CMM3/4/5 to power up multiple ePMP APs which are at one hub site. it should have a 48V imput as most of my hubs are to be located at Telecomms Towers with 48-56V power. 

Are you familiar with the gear from PacketFlux?  You can get a SiteMonitor ($100), a SyncBox GPS ($100), and as many 4-port Sync Injectors ($170) as needed, then feed them into a basic switch or router.  (we usually use Mikrotik 24-port CRS on more heavily-loaded towers, plus a CCR1009 router, plus the mentioned gear.  Price ends up similar to a CMM3, but scalable, and much less expensive than CMM4 (and CMM5).  And supports Gigabit and 48v.  (you'd need to work that out for the switch/router in this scenario, but the PacketFlux gear will run on just about anything from 15VDC to 56VDC)




I think scalling up is a better aproach as a number os sites only have 3 or 4 devices and getting a CMM is a bit too much for them. i will try this solution.