/32 mask on ePMP1000

Does EPMP1000 support /32 mask on "NAT" mode and enabled DHCP-client ?


Could you please let me know what is the use case to use /32 mask?

Thank you.

We offer static public IPs for our customers using /32 mask. CPE's configured as routers ( Cambium  SMs  -  in "NAT" mode). For example, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik CPE or simple TP-Link routers can operate with /32 mask.

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I've had the very same problem with cnPilot and I was able to fix the bug, see https://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnPilot-E-Series-Enterprise-APs/How-i-fix-a-bug-in-cnPilot-routing-and-asking-your-help-to-fix/m-p/71865 simply when a client get an IP/32 it must to add 2 route: one to reach default gateway instructing the kernel that's gateway's IP is reachable directely on the interface and one to reach all other address via default gateway, Cambium had forgotten to add the first route. It's better explained on my post linked above.

I'm pretty sure the same bug affects ePMP1000, fixing it is very simple and so I'm again asking Cambium to fix.

Thank you

as a workaround, you may use fake /24 network / gateway
and enable proxy-arp feature on the interface of the real gateway.