35mi Shot Recommendation

We are looking at purchasing a couple of BHs for our network. We are implementing two PTP 450s for a link that's only about 15 miles away and receive relatively poor speeds (no dish). The Cambium rep told us we could shoot much farther than that, but I'm either missing something or he's upselling quite a bit.

I'm pretty new to PTP networking and especially new to Cambium PTPs, so I'm kind of drowning in information/misinformation at this point.

Could I get some recommendations for a link spanning ~35mi (and obviously achieving the highest speed possible)?

What country are you in? What sort of throughput do you need? Are you tied to 5GHz, and if so, what does the spectrum in 5.7-5.8GHz look like? Have you ever used Cambium's LinkPlanner?

You will want to check out the free LINKPlanner software. You can find it HERE.

I have been told 2.4 and 5.8 are unlicensed and easy to deploy.

Thank you for the replies - and the links to the LINKPlanner! I am checking it out as I speak.

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