360 degree coverage with just 3 epmp 3000 APs

Hello team,

I want to find out please. Is it possible to have a 360 degree coverage with just 3 epmp 3000 APs? I actually didnt know that the epmp 3000 sector antennas are 90 degrees as against the 120 degrees of epmp 2000 antennas that I use for our network service. We provide internet facilities to clients about <=3km away from the towers.

We mount on 3-legged tower (as in attached), 3 epmp 2000 sector antennas for 360 deg coverage, how is it possible to achieve this with only 3 epmp 3000 sector antennas? Or is having a 4th epmp 3000 antenna the only solution?

Yes, you can use this configuration, but if you're wanting to use GPS sync'd back to back frequency reuse... this config will be difficult or not possible. Check out THIS video guide for GPS sync and frequency reuse with ePMP.


As Eric has said: yes but with limits.

I suppose this is about tower costs and not about AP costs, so I suggest the following:

There are a couple manufacturers that make 180 degree antennas that are made of two 90deg sectors inside a single radome and mount. There are seperate ports for each 90 degree sector, mounting points for two AP's and a single antenna mount to the tower. We have been looking at these to replace antennas on our more expensive locations to reduce tower rental costs. Best part is, you can mark the to of the antenna for the tower guys and they will make sure that the antennas are installed correctly for GPS back to back reuse.

If your location is sub 60 clients then I would suggest an omni antenna unless you have clients maxing out the radio.

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