3KL GPS issue on 4.5.4 official

Could I get the beta fix as well?

Please send the Hotfix my way as well.

Hi Sakid,
please send me the fix as well.

We should rename it to 3000LOS :slight_smile: In all seriousness, I do want to address this for both of you and Todd (ninedd)
We did not make any GPS changes whatsoever. This is the part that is hard to explain without getting into all the details. GPS getting worse did not have anything to do with GPS itself but rather it was a side effect of another issue which did not arise until we had 4.5.4 official out. So, there was no way for us to document GPS issues in the release notes. Now for when we have 4.5.5 release notes, we will do our best to explain how GPS was impacted and then addressed. Long story short it has to do with communication on a SPI bus between the main chip and our micro controller. Happy to engage offline and talk all about it but this is not the place to take up space and elaborate any further. Thanks Sakid


Since many people asked for this release and I have provided via private message, I am curious to hear how the 4.5.5 release is working out. We are really looking for some feedback please. If you still would like the release here is the link below:


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I installed it 12 hours ago and still have a radio losing GPS (but it’s coming and going, rather than staying off for long periods). I’ll send you my device support file.

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I’ll try out the 4.5.5 on a link soon.

Been using the hotfix for 3 days now. We have no GPS Sync problems anymore. Looks quite stable to us.

The are very unstable and randomly drop even with 4.5.4 on a very noisy, busy network,unfortunately we had to revert back to 4.4.3 to stop the client calls, the drops and random drops are less on 4.4.3

I am afraid to try it!
I have 4 sectors with mixed F180,F190,F300-16, F300-19, and various elevated SM’s. I want to try this to solve the reboot issues - but now I see elevated SM’s become unreachable. So that issue scares me.
I am working on a new tower and was planning to use 4 3000L AP’s and mostly F300-25 SMs. But with GPS issues plus issues reported with the SM’s - This whole project is now in question. I do not want to have to use more Ubiquiti - so please get some stability!

Please do not mix or confuse separate issues as it will be challenging to get to the bottom of your issues or guide you with the right recommendations. Lets start cleanly:

  1. You speak of reboot issues - what device, what kind of reboot etc? If its around the F300-25s I strongly recommend you move to 4.5.4 as we have specifically addressed a reboot issue.
  2. You don’t have to try 4.5.5 but as I mentioned earlier it addresses GPS sync loss issue.

All in all, I am confident in asking you to upgrade to 4.5.4 or 4.5.5 to reach overall stability in your network. You have the option to wait and see more feedback but I am still asking that you are having stability issues, you upgrade. Thx

We have not seen or heard of this issue anywhere else and it is disturbing. Any chance, you could connect with us offline and share a bit more info? Of course, any tech support dump after the upgrade would help but that might be too late.


For me , the hotfix seems to be working. 3 days in a row with no disconnections and the GPS issue has been solved too. Still haven’t tested my crowded AP on a noisy frequency though.

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From what I’ve read 4.5.4 has added a problem with losing connectivity to elevated SM’s. Thus I would have serious issues with 40% of my subscribers. This is unacceptable. Please test with elevate and resolve that issue ASAP. I have lost customers because of the instability of the 3000 series equipment. People won’t put up with drops during streaming and especial zoom sessions. I’m seriously disappointed.

So far we have heard of one thread here but have not seen a customer ticket or get an opportunity to dig into that one instance. We don’t see an issue with Elevated SMs and have not heard from other customers. Probably best to see if anyone else brings this up but from our perspective we don’t see an issue so far.

When will 4.5.5 go to stable release? Also, can you share a roadmap of the next firmware version 4.6 and what features/fixes are expected? Maybe in a new thread?

Thank you

It is now stable release and is also in cnMaestro cloud.

the Problem is not fixed out 3000L AP is losing sync with 4.5.5


Could you please send the Tech Support File from the affectedd ePMP3000L to me please?

Thank you.