4.2.3 vs. 6.1

has anyone noticed a difference in 4.2.3 compared to 6.1 on their 900MHz antennas?

i’ve noticed that some of the antennas on the outer limits of our cluster have been connecting worse (sporadic dropoffs) with 6.1 and they did not drop the signal under 4.2.3.

with 4.2.3 we were able to set the antenna dBi value and now on 6.1 we cannot, instead we can set a dBm. whereas the dBi was suggested to be set at 9 for the MaxRad connectorized antennas, the 6.1 upgrade defaults the dBm value at 28. i’m unable to make that setting any higher, and lower is actually giving less power output.

any suggestions, or does anyone else see this issue?

ok, i should have read more of the forum before making this post, i found my own answer:

http://motorola.canopywireless.com/comm … .php?t=339

thanks, ahull, for the bump.