4.3.5r1 ?

somehow we ended up with some r190w with 4.3.5R1 firmware....     can't seem to find any mention of this anywhere so I'm guessing I've got something I shouldn't have, or something is wrong with this little guy....   it wouldn't pass traffic, took 4.4 firmware (manually) , but locks up on auto config, at any stage, won't reboot, can't GUI, but after a factory reset, it will let you back into the GUI and updated firmware that way. It won't pass any nat'd traffic even after update to 4.4  or take auto provision 

we've only found 1, but i've got 39 more routers from this order to check...  any insight on this?

4.3.5r1 is a  default(Factory) image.

Please do not upgrade any device to the 4.4-R6 release as we have removed from support site due to Multiwan issue.

Please send the screen capture of status page and configuration file of the device  after auto provision. (My E-mail id:niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com).



This is the first one we’ve had this problem with.

Every new router powered up auto updates to 4.4, of 30 ish weve deployed this is the only unit to fail in this regard.

We can’t log into the router after auto provision has been sent. The tftp server indicates that the router never acknowledges the cambium_cnpilot_r.cfg was transferred to the router. After it attempts the autoprovision the tech was never able to log into that unit. Another new unit behaved as expected.

That particular file is used for every new router, it defines wan access enable, our ip block at the office for access, sets password and changes the config file to (pn).cfg.

Another router worked just fine.

So if this is the factory shipped firmware, I’d suspect there is a problem with that specific router.