4.5.5 Issues on epmp

Hi everyone,
So I upgraded my ek3000 and all force 300 (25 and 19), and it seems like everything is running worse… I have 2 subscribers where before the update, was using 4.4.3, had good solid down/up link but now went to crap after updating. Anyone else seeing this?

checked another sector on different tower and I have SMs that have worse uplink/downlink rssi and snr since update… I think ill be rolling them back and put up with the random force 300 drop offs…

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Am facing the same challenge with version 4.5 on ePMP force 200 ROW. Guys wat is the issue

Would you guys mind opening a support ticket and we can work through this. Out of curiosity, did you have a BSA connected?


We are having the issue on a 3000 AP with 27 x F200 all with 4.5.5. Every couple of hours or sometimes over the course of an hour all the SM will drop and come back after 10 seconds. The messages in the Logs show Communication Loss and dissacociation due to the communication loss. We have deactivated GPS as well as all remote access to the unit. We keep running up with dropped sessions of all SM at the same time which is extremely unusual. We have done frequency analysis and come up with a couple of frequencies that are really not that bad but it still happens the same. Is there anything anyone has found to get arround this?

@Sakid_Ahmed, I can definitely do that but I had someone reach out to me from the epmp team… he asked if I had forced to sector antenna, I had done that already… I had previously posted on this matter when I upgraded to 4.4.5 from 4.4.3 and instantly my rssi and snr uplink and downlink was completely unstable, switched it back and it went back to normal… @Fedor had commented that this is something that will be addressed in 4.6… so I rolled back to 4.4.3… the rssi and snr values begin to function as normal. If you look at that post you will see my screen shots of before and after of upgrading to 4.4.5 and then back to 4.4.3, its undeniable that the software of 4.4.5 throws them out of wack and 4.5.5 did the same. Thanks!

@Sebastian_Peschko, I have seen others post that cambium suggested that you change the -60 default of the Subscriber Module Target Receive Level to -50 and if you are using BSA to set it to “Forced Sector Antenna”. I am really looking forward to when I can use the “smart antennas”, hope this helps.

For myself I am sticking with 4.4.3 because the beamforming antennas cannot be used with 4.4.5 or 4.5.5 and I noticed my rssi and snr DL and UL values were unstable and noticed overall performance degradation.

Sebastian, could you send over the tech support file to me at sakid.ahmed@cambiumnetworks.com
I will take a look.