4.6.1 Upgrade failures

We are finally upgraded all of our network to 4.6.1 using cnMaestro. Approx 30% of the SMs that were on 4.5.x and 4.6.x failed. I tried a scheduled reboot, then upgrade an hour later and none were successful. However, they will upgrade if I initiate manually from the GUI. Is there some way to upgrade through cnMaestro so I don’t have to manually upgrade over 70 SMs?

We had the same thing with 4.6.1 — mostly I think on N series SM’s, which for us are mostly 2.4Ghz SM’s. There didn’t seem to be any reason for it - just failed via cnMaestro, and I did them manually.

OH - and mine were all 4.6.1-RC27 version. We had cnMaestro’d the whole network to 4.6.1-RC27 and I don’t think we had any issues… but upgrading from that to 4.6.1 Release had a bunch that didn’t want to upgrade via cnMaestro.

Hello, @3-dBnetworks,

could you pm me couple tech support files from SM that failed to upgrade? I mean with an old fw right after fail.

Hi Andrii, we went ahead and upgraded all SMs manually. Do you still want a tech support file from any that failed via cnMaestro?

I don’t. Unfortunately reboot after SW upgrade cleared useful logs.