4.6R16 DHCP auto provision broken

we've been using the same autoprovision method for years now, in the R195 this breaks in 4.6R16

our process (that works on the original factory firmware with the 195 and older in other routers) 

factory black bootup :

grabs Cambium-cnPilot-R.cfg

gets our default username and passwords, remote IP restrictions etc. 

it also then changes DBID_PRV_CONFIGFILE=$(PN).cfg and reboots. 

when it comes up with the PN config, its told to change to DBID_PRV_CONFIGFILE=\R195configs\$(MA).cfg

however, it never changes in the routers config. it stays PN. 

I can see that my TFTP server sends the FWR9202.cfg file (why did it get named this instead of the normal part numbers like the rest? not important but odd). however doesn't take the changes. 

the exact same setup works with the 4.6Rwhat ever the initial release was. 

i tried this with an R201 on 4.6R16 and it was successful 1 time and would not get past the PN after performing a factory reset.  downgrading firmware gets this to work again.  anyway to get the orginal factory firmware for the 195, or some idea of a time line for this feature to be restored... i've got 100 fresh 195s here that won't provision correctly. 

we have a large mix of 190,r200r201, and 195s so I need the part number change to happen to provide unique firmware URLs for the different routers. 

figured out a work around. 

the routers getting an error when they try and use the part number specific config file, but they don't error on try 2. (i left one sit over lunch and it happened to be working when i got back.  

i tried to shorten these two variables 


to 30 seconds like above and that got around the hang up. it errors quickly and tries again. 

not sure why they won't provision on the first pull, but atleast it can be gotten past. 

if anyone else is using this method, drop the resync variables in the base config file file, the cnPilot_R.cfg and then don't forget to change those back to an hour (or day for me) so they don't beatup your TFTP server checking for config updates.