4.7 and Downlink Frame time

Since updating to 4.7 my frame time percentage has jumped up a lot. Putting about 35mbps DL through sector and its at 65% frame time utilization. Only thing that has changed is the firmware.

Hi… if you’re not using you should be… 4.7 had a number of bugs which have been fixed in now. I don’t specifically know if this impacts frame use, but regardless for sure you should upgrade everything running 4.7 to


Thank you for your reply. I am on 4.7 and will upgrade to the latest as you have advised.

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did you notice any change using

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I did not see any change…tried to downgrade to 4.6.1. and half of my SMs didnt downgrade… Maestro message= “Downgrade below 4.6.4 is not supported for this device hardware”

once you get to 4.6.4, you can go to 4.6.1. just has to step through 4.6.4

as for the question at hand: 4.7.0 and actually shows the frame usage better than 4.6.x with better update periods. 4.7.0 just had other issues that were hard to track down and caused massive web page issues.

With AC gear, you can not go by the frame usage as a single point to determine if an AP is overloaded, you need to consider the number of SMs, the averaged peak traffic loading and total CPU usage. This is not the simple task that it was with N based gear.

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Thank you for your reply and your insight.

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