4 Chain Indoor Wifi 6 Ceiling + Wallplate APs?

Sworn I could have seen this somewhere on the forum confirming this but cannot find it.
Just double checking if there are plans to introduce a 4 Chain Ceiling mount and Wallplate APs ?
Preferably something with a security scanning radio built in as well to help deal with youths and their favorite Kismet tools.

The XV3-8 is nice and all but my price sensitive customers want something that fits their higher density cafeterias and meeting rooms at a competitive price.

excellent question. The XV3-8 as you note has all the features that would cover what you need (dedicated dual-band 1x1 scan radio, up to 8x8 MIMO, dual-band) and the coverage will actually be quite large with the 8x8 5G radio and 4x4 2.4G radio. While the price point is a bit higher you should also consider how many AP’s you will need to install total for optimal coverage and maybe weight the trade-offs. The XV2-2 is our dual-band 2x2 wifi 6 which is a great device and good value. The coverage is also quote good but it does not support 4x4 MIMO as it seems that you are looking for. You could consider a mix of XV2-2 + XV3-8’s to get what you need and keep your overall solution cost within your budget. Just something to think about. For new products we have several in development for indoor applications (seems your use-case) but likely nothing will release until next year and the global component shortages are causing very difficult times for deliveries so we will see how things work out with timelines. We do have an indoor wifi 6 AP with 4x4 capabilities as well as the new wifi 6e capability (6Ghz band) but it does not have a dedicated scan radio.


you can use our free Wi-Fi Designer site survey tool as well to show coverage of the XV2-2 and XV3-8 if that is helpful for seeing how many AP’s you could use to cover your space. If you could use just two XV3-8’s vs. say four of another AP the overall costs\installation might be beneficial with the XV3-8’s, Just a consideration.