4 Meg 450b

I have a few C050045C012A (450b High gain) that are all supposed to be unlimited. When i boot them they show 4 Mbps. Is there a way to recover the license/key?

same here, you’ll need to create a ticket. send them some files & if all is well they will return you with a hyperlink to restore them back to unlimited. (or the link will brick the device, which happened to me)

Drewd is correct… contact support and they’ll sort you out. Bricking a unit with a license key is not normal behavior, and should not be expected.

@drewd - Did support take care of that device for you as well?

I agree it’s not normal behavior. (i probably shouldn’t have mentioned it)

My support case is still open, been about a month waiting on response. (i’m sure the unit is out of warranty but aside from 4mbit license the unit was working fine before the key)

Send me an email with your case number matt @ cambiumnetworks.com

We had a couple do that, support was able to resolve with a key to fix. Jus tmake sure they know it’s a 450b or they’ll direct you to sales.