4 PTP Links with the same end-end towers

Dear all,

Some problems with our solution design are needed to support from all of you. Please kindly help me!
I can describe some detail here:
We use four links completed with PTP 58600 for only one connection from Site A to Site B. Our customers need three of them are for backup. They don’t care of interference of RF.
From these request, we introduce PTP SYNC for new series of PTP600. But this solution only deals with of interference of that many PTP in site A link with Site B,C,D,E with different angles from Tower A (not only one end Site B). Interference will be worked out in scheme of Timing for Transmission. But at the end Site B, 4 PTP can receive simultaneously TX (A1,A2,A3,A4) and interference will be remained.

Would you give me some advices?

Thanks a lot, I’m a newbie in Vietnam

Well, first, it was bad decition using all 4 links in the same band. ptp600 use up to 30mhz and 5.8 band have 105 avaliable…
Best you can do is at least change 1 or 2 links to other band.

Untill that you can:
1.- use 15mhz on those less critical links
2.- use fixed frecs(same frec for tx and rx on each link)

At 5.8Ghz 30Mhz there are only 4 nonoverlapping channels.
5742,5772,5802,5832 if my notes are correct.