400c strange occurance

Hi all, just looking to see if anyone has experienced what I did today a 400c ptp…

So I had a link go down on one of our sites, the slave went offline for 2.5 hours and then on its own came back, was in the middle of getting to the site when everything came back online. Logged into the radio and it showed a few mins of uptime that matches Maestros uptime and online time. Everything else on site, ie epmp 3000, ptp 550 and matrix poe switch, had an uptime of 53 days so there was no loss of power to the site, it is a DC solar site but my 400c is the only unit using AC power plugged into the inverter. So we suspected the inverter but the inverter reported no faults or failures.

So now I am suspecting either the poe injector or the radio… but why would a 400c power down for 2.5 hours and then power itself back up again? Any insight/help would be great! Thank you

Could you please drop the Tech Support File to me so I could check if there is anything suspicious there?

Thank you.

Hi Fedor, definitely… email?