40M to Unlimited upgrade key for 450 SM

Is it possible to unlock a PMP 450 5G SM that is 40M aggregate using an upgrade key? If so, what is the part number to purchase said key? We have keys for 10M to Unlimited and 20M to Unlimited, but need to upgrade a 40M aggregate SM for a customer.
Would appreciate any information on this.

There is no cap at 40Mbps. The options are 4, 10, 20 or uncapped. If the radio in question is running a really old version of software, it may say 40 Mbps…

If you want to reach out to me directly, we can help you with this… just email me at:

matt @ cambiumnetworks.com

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Hey Matt, if we have applied a key to an AP to go from 20 to uncapped, then the AP drops below 20 customers, are we able to remove that uncapped key from the AP and apply it to another AP?

Unfortunately, no. With the way the current system works, keys are non-transferrable. We call these “fixed keys”. In the future, we plan to implement a license key server/manager within cnMaestro, and keys for current products (such as cnWave, 450v, ePMP 4000, etc.) will be “floating” keys or be managed by this cnMaestro license server.


The radio in question is a 450 5G with a Raydome on firmware. We just adjusted the QoS since we were within a few KB of the correct throughput. Thank you for the information.