40MHz channel on PTP 450i

When is 40MHz channel support expected in beta on PTP 450i platform?

Thank you

Yesterday's webminar (PMP 450 Capabilities)  indicated by 3rd week of January firmware will release will contain the 40 mhz channels. It's worth watching it, it talks what's coming up for PMP 450's series for 2017

 Here is the link to it


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Any news on that?

I was told that the FCC is currently processing the cert for 30/40mhz channel widths, and that it should be done very soon. Probably see it in upcoming firmware release 15.1?

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Eric is right. 15.1 will include 40 MHz. We're working through some bugs in the release and hope to have a beta out next week. In addition, 15.1 will also have a few other nice software features, so please stay tuned. 



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