430 OFDM AP Automatic Reboot

Does the 430 OFDM AP reboot automatically after a certain amount of uptime ?
We had all out APs reboot except one. The one that did not reboot has an uptime of 1 year, 142 days.
We are running software 11.2.

The reboots are reoccurring, it was not a one-time issue.

Is there something a subscriber could be doing that would cause an AP to reboot ?
Are there outside devices that could confuse the AP and cause it to reboot ?

Do the PMP 430 AP’s have a public IP address? If they do, can you put it on a private IP address and see if the rebooting stops?

Also, is there anything in the event log of the PMP 430 AP at the time of the reboot?

All the cambium equipment has private IP addresses on a management network separate from the subscriber network.

I have reached stability by upgrading to 12.1 and then 12.2.2.

I am still unsure of why this happened, since the system on 11.2 was very stable up to this point. We did not make any changes to the config of any devices.

Due to the constant reboots, three APs became unresponsive, but I was able to bring them back online via a power cycle from the CMM4. One other AP went unresponsive, and the port on the EtherWAN switch showed as down, unlike the other three. Reboot and power cycle of the EtherWAN and CMM4 did not bring this AP back, it is dead.

We were able to move subscribers to a different AP. Weather precludes us from climbing the tower to get it down.