430SM on release 14 is connecting to 430AP on release 13.4.1 - release notes say not possible

We have a 430SM on release 14.1.2 that is connected to a 430AP on release 13.4.1 just fine.  Customer has service and no complaints.  The r14 software release notes say this is not possible.  They say this r14 430 can now only connect to a 450AP.  Why or how is this working?  And will it keep working?  What happens if this 430SM is upgraded to 14.2.1?  Will it become unreachable?

BTW, we tried 14.1.2 on this 430SM to fix the missing AP problem where the SM can only see one AP even if there are other AP's within range/signal and even if the AP it is on is a secondary color code.  Release 13.4.1 is broken!

The release notes should say that it's not supported, not that it won't work.

The PMP 430 product is no longer being sold, and is fully supported up to release R13.4.1.  No further development effort is going toward 430 products.

In interoperability mode (i.e. a 430 SM connected to a 450 or 450i AP), the 430 SM can utilize up to R14.2.1.

As to whether it will continue to work now, or when you upgrade, I can't say, as we don't support those configurations, and do not have the resources to allocate toward testing these scenarios.

Is your 430 under warranty, and is there a support case opened for the issue you describe in the last paragraph?  I will check into that, and see if there is anything that can be done there.