45 Mbit Backhaul sample MRTG config?

I tried :1:Canopy@device and :2:Canopy@device but it errors out. Anyone have a sample config they can share?

I posted my template in another thread, but your main problem is that you are not specifiying SNMP v2c In order to do so you need something like this community@ipaddress:::::2 It’s in the MRTG docs.
Canopy doesn’t support SNMP v1, so you MUST use v2c

Good Luck

Actually the 45 Mbit kit supports v1 & v2. Unfortunately the snmp support on the interfaces is lacking. Counters are only working for ifOctetsOut.1 (. on the Master and Slave ethernet ports, but this does gives you in & out traffic for the link if you graph both radios.


I also am graphing the receive signal strength receivePower.0 (. This returns a 3 digit negative number so -82.3 dBm would be -823. MRTG doesn’t display negative values so I set up the config like this:

Target[MasterBackhaul-rcv_pwr]: * -1 / 10

-or if you have the MIB’s loaded:

Target[MasterBackhaul-rcv_pwr]:receivePower.0&receivePower.0:Canopy@MasterBackhaul * -1 / 10

Multiplying it by -1 turns it into a positive value and then dividing it by 10 give you a rounded 2 digit dBm reading.