450 2.4,3.65,5.8 Ethernet issues for upload and download speeds

Any one seeing performance issues at the SM for all bands. We have tested all 450 AP’s and SM’s and we are having a throughput issue. Radio reports 60 download and 20 upload link test but we only get 20 mg up and down at the SM. We have tested at the CMM3 and receive 80 to 90 mg down and 80 to 90 mg up from the port we plug in to for the 450. We have only one SM testing at 1000 ft or less. Is the Auto Ethernet an issue. We tested all speeds for Ethernet and saw the same speeds,

Any ideas?


It is best to test with 3 or 4 SMs to one AP to see throughput performance.

Also, do you have a specific model of PMP 450 SMs? We have PMP 450 SMs that are 10, 20, and uncapped throughput.

Let us know more details.

The SM’s were Uncapped. The radio link test is correct but the Packet per second capacity is only 20 mg up and down as now reported from Cambium. I guess the new release 13.2 will improve that but I’m curious to see. The beta will be out shortly (maybe this week)

We are deploying 3.65Ghz 450 series, 20MHz uncapped with QOS set to the maximum throughput. We currently have two SM’s installed and are testing.

I can verify that there is a throughput problem on 13.1.1 software. We are seeing 90Mbps+ aggregate throughput with the link test, however real life conditions show a download averaging 25Mbps. This is using the speedtest.net public sites, as well as a locally hosted version. The same test at the switch feeding the AP shows that we can achieve 80Mbps+

The latency times across the links are <6mS. (amazing)

This really needs to be addressed as the competition is publicly demonstrating 46Mbps+ from the speedtest.net sites.

Some good news as an update. We are currently running the 13.1.3B1 software and it didn’t seem to make any difference to the throughput. (Still around 20Mbps max).
However, I finally reconfigured the 450’s to push the data through a VLAN and lo and behold all is now good. I have my customers set to 30/20Mbps via radius on a mikrotik and that’s exactly what was delivered over the vlan.
So the answer seems to be – Use good engineering practices and use a Vlan for data transfer.

Want to throw another question to the QOS thread here. I don’t have any problems on aggregate throughput, unthrottled speeds are as expected, I have separated my data through a vlan. My problem is getting consistent throughput values when the SM’s are throttled through QOS. I’m trying to setup and test for a 5M link. Have tried others speeds as well, logic is same with similar results.

Have setup my sustained rate (up/down) at 10% over expected, Burst Allocation at max (2500k, and have moved that number too) and max burst (up/down) say at 15% over expected.

Sustained Uplink Data Rate: 5500
Sustained Downlink Data Rate: 5500
Uplink Burst Allocation: 2500000
Downlink Burst Allocation: 2500000
Max Burst Uplink Data Rate: 6000
Max Burst Downlink Data Rate: 6000

I test the link with the Link Capacity Test with bridging and MIR enabled and get 5.5/5.5 up/down, without MLR I get 60D and 32U. When I test to our internal Ookla servers as well as other public tester (speedtest.net…) my download speeds are around 3 or 4 M while upload is good around 5.5M.

Anyone else use QOS for a more granular throughput settings? Are there other ways?