450 3.65 SM Grounding

I couldn’t find any solid information in the installation guide on this, whats the appropriate procedure for grounding the 3.65 450 SMs they have a small threaded hole on the back bottom left side of the SM that looks like a grounding lug might fit into. Also do the SMs really need to be grounded? Whats the worst that could happen if they aren’t?

I don’t see a way to edit my post so I’m going to bump my own thread, upon closer inspection the hole on the back of the SM does appear to be a grounding post, none the less I’m still curious as to the ramifications of not grounding the SM


If you have the Integrated (or Non-connectorized) Subscriber Module version of the 3.65GHz PMP 450 SM, the grounding lug/bolt is not there. The connectorized Subscriber Module will have the grounding lug there, and should be grounded when installed.

If 3.65GHz PMP 450 SM is the Integrated version, then you do not have to worry about grounding the radio as the RJ-45 cable will carry the ground to your 600SS installed outside of the house or customer premise.
As you have noticed we have used the same “outer shell or housing” for both versions of the 3.65GHz SM.