450 AP Bandwidth Pll lock lost

Bandwidth PLL lock issue is back, this time on 450 AP using 20.1.
Reboot fixed it for a couple of hours, second reboot did not fix it. Power cycle through CMM4 fixed and been up for 6 hours now. Will capture data files if it recurs, no entry in log files regarding issue, just the reboots.

@George_B, sorry about that. This is the first report I’ve heard of this and 20.1 has been out for a bit. On the 20.X line, I recommend, although we don’t have any fixes for Bandwidth PLL Lock Lost there since 20.1. I’m worried it might be a hardware issue? Is it just one AP doing it? How old is this AP? Do you have GPS Sync on this AP? GPS sync is used to keep the clocks exactly on frequency.

Yeah if it happens again, would be good to grab an engineering.cgi before reboot. Either way might be good to open a support ticket and dump the log in there with what you have now.

Another option, if you think it’s software related, would be to downgrade to which has proven out very stable.