450 AP can't access SM after 20.0.1 (edited)

After upgrading to 20.0.1 having issues accessiing SMs through the proxy at some point after a reset on the AP. SM was accessible immediately after the reset, but when checking back after the AP was up for 36 hours, none of the SMs were accessible from the AP. Rebooting AP resolve the issue for a limited time, but recurs.

This is on multiple APs.

SM IP addresses are all identical, so access has to be through AP.

Working AP Board Info:

PLD Version 16
Digital Platforrn Revision P12
Radio PlatformRevisiion P3
PLD Board Revision 7
PLD Sub Board Revision 0
PC Board Revision Issue C Rev 1

Offending Board Info:

|PLD Version|20|
|Digital Platform Revision|P12|
|Radio Platform Revision|P3|
|PLD Board Revision|9|
|PLD Board Sub Revision|0|
|PC Board Revision|Issue E (FSK Removed)|


When you are having issues accessing SMs through proxy, does the end user data traffic pass through?
Are you seeing this on 450i or 450m APs OR this issue happens on 450 APs only?

Could you please open a support ticket at support.cambiumnetworks.com.