450 Medusa wont change to 30MHz channel

I have recently updated to the latest 16.0.1 firmware on this tower.  I have 3 Medusa AP's running 5ms timing, 20MHz channels, on frequencies 5745 and 5805.  When I try to adjust to 30MHz channel, the option is available but gets set back to 20MHz as soon as I click "Save".  Am I doing something wrong?

What happens if you follow the workaround HERE?

At the two frequencies I am set at, it should be a valid frequency for 30MHz channel width already.  Regardless, I will reboot and try again.  Hopefully Cambium might be willing to put out a quick fix 16.0.2 rather than waiting for the next big firmware release.

Hi MSImax,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

As a workaround, could you please try the following sequence.

1. Select 2.5 ms frame size. Save Changes.
2. Select 30 MHz BW channel. Save Changes.
3. Change frame size to 5.0 ms. Save Changes.



This seems to allow me to set the 30MHz.  I need to reboot the AP to confirm that it sticks, but I have high confidence it will.  I will reboot late tonight to confirm.