450 MicroPoP Sector Power Supply DC Option

I know the 5Ghz micropop sector does not take much power, but is there an option to do DC? When I ordered them they came with AC bricks. We’d much rather have this on our backup batteries in the event of a power outage due to the area it covers.

I think your best best to do DC Power would be to use a DC power POE injector. If your battery system is s 24v configuration you could use something like this. Though I didn’t bother to check if the power pinout is correct. You would need to verify before purchase. They make other models that might fit you need.

Our system is 48v and we currently use the Cambium enhanced power injectors to power 450i connectorized APs, but this site is unique using the microPoP panels, so was hoping to be able to keep things uniform.

Yes, the Enhanced Power Injector (Part C000065L002C or C000065L002D) will work to power these via DC, though it is major overkill as these Power Supplies can supply up to 100W, and the MicroPoP devices peak at 12W of power consumption.

Any other suggestions for powering two at one location DC then?

For multiple radios, you may want to consider the cnMatrix Tower Switches. There are DC power modules available for these.