450 Platform Series Release is now available

It can be downloaded at: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp450/ and is available on cnMaestro cloud.

All customers running 16.1/16.1.1 are encouraged to update to Please, refer to the release notes for bugs fixed list.  And, it will be available on cnMaestro soon.

1 Like is now on cnMaestro cloud. Please let us know if you have any issues.

Release notes linked above but basically fixed:

  • CPY-16426 : Allow more than one NAT forwarding rules, for same port number, based on protocol type.
  • CPY-16458 : SM does not honor QoS Configuration in NAT mode
  • CPY-16473 : GPS Serial Data Parsing on Latitude/Longitude broken for some UGPS models.
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My name is Marco Avila/Telplay from Spain.-  This morning I upgrade from CNMaestro 20 AP-450M from version to, on this process I had just 1 error.- The error was that I lost the ping to the AP.


1. Disable and enable Ethernet port on CCR-Mikrotik:    Not work

2. Set the Ethernet on CCR-Mikrotik to 10MB and 100MB:   Not work

3. I replace the AP-450M for new one

4. Client Reconnect

TroubleShooting on Laboratory with AP-450M with Access Error

450M cable connect on Port-PSU ----connect to PoE------Connect to My Laptop

1. The Laptop detect network connected and Link to 1Gbps

       The interface on AP-450M is Active

2. Using the wireshark:   I Switch-On the AP

       The wireshark not detect any data come from AP-450M

3. Boot AP-450M on Default Mode

       I execute the process for access into Boot Default Mode:        I access without any problem

4. Default Mode commentaries

     a. Firstly: I can see that all my configuration is into the AP, I not lose my configuration

     b. ERROR:  I see that on Menu General option "Ethernet Port Selection" has SET SFP.- Before Upgrade to the

         version I had on this option: MAIN PORT

I need to understand if this problem is a Bugs of upgrade, or if is a Bug of AP.

Please can you write me back to:  marco@telplay.net



I create an support ticket on cambium support center: