450 Series Management Options Vision/Strategy

I would like to know if I have missed some documentation regarding Cambium's vision/strategy for management of Cambium 450 devices outside of using cnMaestro or Wireless Manager which I understand has been EOL'd yet since hearing that from Cambium direct I do see at least some support for it continues.  I'm sure many of your customers using it are grateful for continued support.

Without a working SSH platform or CLI that gives access to all commands and settings queriable and settable through both the web interface and the current telnet session or a full SNMP access to all these commands making decisions about how to manage these devices is difficult.

I would rather no go into why but for me cnMaestro is still not an option.  Wireless Manager is one I would consider but with CentOS 6 having a EOL date of November this year it seems like a dead end without a newer supported platform.

Can I please get some insight into what Cambium Networks strategy is with regards to this?  Is there plans for a newer SSH or CLI that would work with automation platforms that rely on tools like this in networking equipment for management and automation?  Are there tools others have used they can recommend that work well in automation environments that take an approach of "screen scraping" or using an automated web robot to gather and set information viewable via the web GUI interface unlike the many options that depend on SSH or a CLI?

There are many ways to manage 450 platform equipment.

As you mention, cnMaestro is the current supported NMS for all Cambium equipment, and gets better with every release... I would encourage you to impart your feedback on that tool and capabilities you'd like to see included, as ongoing development to make this tool more useful is taken very seriously, and a lot of resource goes into constant improvement and new features.

450 also supports a complete MIB, with SNMP read/write OIDs for just about everything. If you have run into specific things that cannot be accomplished using this, please let us know. When new features, parameters, or statistics are introduced, new OID are always added to the MIB to ensure that things are up to date.


As I made clear.  I have never used cnMaeastro in production becauses a few tests I made and evalutions I made regarding how it works made me suspect it was at a minimum to much of a security risk as it did not give true root access to the operator to use on premise and I would never use any tools like this on the cloud.

Experience dictates without further clarity that cnMaestro whether used on premise or in the cloud has been designed with the potential to gather information about customer's customers and potentially sell it arguably legally or illegally.  Information shared at conferences shared by Cambium employees escalated these concerns as it clearly revealed Cambium Networks does have strategies in place to sell information they gather about customer's customers.
Cambium Networks has refused to answer very direct emails regarding the fact that they use tools like cnMaestro to gather and sell information about customers without legal consent from the operators even if that consent could be given.  It's my opinion it cannot.  Those concerns are further confirmed from my perspective because the direct emails inquiring about this concern were not answered.  Have your CEO clearly address this issue to me and the public making it clear that Cambium Networks never has and never will sell information about their customer's customers without a clear legal agreement that can be made public between Cambium Networks and any operators choosing to do this while making the same tools freely available for customers that chose not do do this and I will consider using cnMaestro.
Otherwise to me it is a useless tool and furthermore at best a foolish tactic and more likely an even illegaly tactic and decision of Cambium Networks to make the only viable secure automated network management tool be one that is designed to gather information about customer's customers and I have to assume it would be negligent and arguably a willful act of violating the law for me to use a tool when I have reason to suspect that it is only free because Cambium Networks is profiting off information they gather about my customers that I cannot legally allow them to have to profit off.

CnMaestro works perfectly fine firewalled off from the world.

Respectfully, this is NOT the cnMaestro section of these forums and I am pretty sure it is not the place to defend or attack directly on indirectly any user including myself who do not believe cnMaestro is a good solution in the cloud or on premise and am concerned about Cambium Networks direction and forcing customers to rely on cnMaestro or directly or indirectly mocking users who do not agree. I have stated that clear enough have I not? However, since I brought up security and a concern about the on premise solution it is not that it cannot be firewalled around. It is that when I set it up unlike several other virtual machine type appliances at least at the time it was setup so operators using it DID NOT have root access. That is not acceptable to me and poses an unacceptable security risk on my network.

If you cannot address my concerns and the direct questions I asked related to viable network automation strategies for the 450 series using normal tactics such as a robust SSH or API planned future solution or planned solution I was not aware of or other strategies normally accepted and used in network automation solutions such as Ansible as one example which is appropriate for this section of these forums please do not respond here.

To my knowledge these types of tools do not typically use SNMP because that is not what SNMP was designed for. They use SSH and API’s to my knowledge thus far.

If I decide ever I could use cnMeastro and wanted to discuss it on these forums I would bring that up in the cnMeastro section, not the PMP section.

I wasn’t mocking you, I thought you were under the impression that it had to talk to Cambium’s servers to function even on-premises. Sorry for misunderstanding.

Also, if you’re only reply to anyone trying to help is to attack and tell someone to bugger off, please don’t use a public forum in the first place, because now, even if I understand you perfectly and have the exact answer in a timely fashion for you, too bad, you’re ignored. Have a nice life.

Steve, thanks for clarifying that you were not trying to mock me. Are you able to provide any relevant feedback or answer any of the question I asked?