450 Series

I’d like to be able to configure the WLAN via the device web interface when the cmMaestro cloud is not available.

Hey there! Welcome to the Cambium forums! I’ve read your request a couple times now and I’m not sure I understand exactly what it is you’re requesting. Also, you posted this under the “Ideas” portion of the forum… so is this a request for a feature you want for PMP450? In any case, any additional clarification you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I can configure the radios so they communicate and pass traffic using the device web interface. However it appears that you must use cmMaestro in order to configure the SSID, WPA security, and passphrase. Can this be done without cmMaestro? If not, this would be a feature request. To be able to configure the SSID via the device web interface.

So you mention “450 series” as the topic for this idea. As far as I know, there are no SSID, WPA, passphrase settings on the PMP or PTP 450 series. What products are you referring to?

450I, 450B Retro
I also noticed the SSID information does not show up in the configuration file. Does that mean this information isn’t available unless it can communicate with cmMaestro?

As mentioned, the PMP and PTP 450 series, including the 450i and 450b retro do not have any WiFi settings, like SSID, WPA, passphrase. The closest equivalent would be color code, encryption type (none, AES 128 or 256), and authentication key.

The settings you cited would typically be found on the ePMP, cnPilot series, and other WiFi-based radios.

In any situation… all these settings can be set via cnMaestro (via pushing out a configuration JSON), or by configuring the radio’s GUI directly. All Cambium radios can be configured in stand alone mode, without having them onboarded into cnMaestro.

This points me in the right direction
Thanks for the info

No problem, if you need information on how to push out a config, or access a radio’s GUI directly, go ahead and post a new topic under the relevant radio.