450 upgrade path

We are looking to standardize our 900MHz and 5GHz on firmware 20.2.1 but have devices out there as old as 15.1, is there any sort of upgrade path that we would have to go through or can we just directly go to 20.2.1?

In short, if you have only 450 and not running DES and upgrade SMs first, you should not have any issue upgrading to 20.2.2.

Long answer: 15.1 was released in 2017, and I don’t think we’ve tested this exact upgrade scenario. So I’d proceed a little slowly and not do like a 1000 radios on first attempt.

Are you running DES? If so, DES support was removed. In the release notes you’ll see a short summary table:

Do you have any PMP 430? They are no longer supported as of 16.1, the last release supporting PMP 430 was

If you want to play it conservative: I’d upgrade everything to 15.1.5. Then to 15.2.1 (removes DES support). Then to (Sectors with 430 have to stop here). Next get up to This release has especially proven very stable and is highly recommended. Then from there 20.2.2 which adds Intermediate Modulation Modes and other improvements.

Or here’s a shorter, longer answer: 15.1 → 15.1.5 → 15.2.1 → → → 20.2.2


I forgot to include this very important caveat:

If you upgraded your AP first from 15.1 to 20.2.2, your SMs will not reconnect. See this table in the release notes:

So if you did, that you would need to downgrade your AP back to release earlier than 16.1 to get them to reconnect back. So yeah I’d just suggest sticking to the upgrade path described above.

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