450AP Lite and UGPS connections?

The 450 AP Lite has a 6 pin Aux Port. NOT the standard 8 pin RJ45. The Manual refers only to the non-existant RJ45.

I am trying to connect an uGPS using the power from the AP450 and obviopusly sync.

Is there any updated pinout information available that could be used to make a cable for UGPS connections?

450APLite   ----- > 6 pin     <----------->        6 pin <--------- uGPS

To connect the UGPS using the timing port of a PMP 450 AP, it's simply a straight-thru 6-pin to 6-pin RJ-11 cable.

The PMP Synchronization Solutions User Guide available  here has installation instructions for the UGPS device, and calls out the pinout functions for the port on the UGPS. 

Below is the table from page 3-27 of this guide (to save the effort of looking it up separately):

table 32.png

Thanks Matt.